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Mangalore’s ruchik jovan!

As I began to write in my next post, there was a huge argument in my mind between the two “M’s” that I love the most “Mangalore” and “Meat”.  “Include me” said Mangalore, “Include me” insisted meat; I decide to play fair and include them both and write about Mangalorean cuisine with meat as the

BFTB- Cooking for your loved ones!

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A well cooked meal is a joy in itself.

When we look at it from another point of view; cooking for your loved one’s can be an awesome experience. Not all of us can cook well; but that’s fine. The meal need not be an elaborate buffet, a simple plain meal would be enough. What is more important is the thought that you put in.

You could probably ask mom to take a day off from the kitchen and  cook up her favorite food/s.  Or do the same to your wife. Take cues from what they like ordering at restaurant dinners. It will take some effort but believe me it, will be worth it.

An age old saying goes, “the family that eats together, stays together”.  What better bond then food. I suggest try finding time and cooking for your family. It will make them feel cared for, loved and wanted. Better still, involve them, especially the kids. May be you could even learn a few tips and tricks.

Here is a recipe I had tried. You could probably use it to begin

Murgh Hara Masala

Chicken (cleaned and cut into medium pieces) – 1 kgImage

Onion (finely chopped) –      1

Curd (beaten well)  –   350 grams

Oil – 4 tablespoons

Jeera- ½ tblspoon

Small elaichi- 3-4

Turmeric(Haldi) –  1/2 tblspoon

Red chilli Powder- 1 tblspoon

Almonds (Soaked in water)- 15-20

Garlic Paste-           1 tblspoon

Ginger Paste-          1 tblspoon

Salt – As per taste

For the Green Paste

Coriander, Pudinha, Curry leaves, Green chillies. Garlic & ginger and a fistful of  grated coconut


1.    Clean and wash the chicken and keep aside.

2.    Soak the almonds in warm water for 1/2 an hour and remove the skin. Grind to a fine paste and keep aside.

3.    Put together all the ingredients mentioned for the green masala  and grind to a fine paste. Marinate the chicken in this paste and keep aside for an hour atleast.

4.    In a pan heat oil, and add the jeera and elaichi till they start to crackle. Add the onion and let it cook to a golden brown colour. Add Ginger and Garlic pastes and let it cook.

5.    Add in the turmeric & red chilli powder and let it cook well with the oil. Once the masala starts leaving the oil, add the beaten curd and stir well till the masalas are mixed well with the curd. Let it cook for a while. Add in the ground almond paste and salt.

6.    Now add in the marinated chicken mixture. Add in a little water in case you want to.

7.    Cover and cook for 8- 10 mins.

Please try and send in your comments on how it turned out.

Keep Smiling and Happy cooking!

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